366/366 — A Year of Embracing Uncertainty

…and as expected, i kinda love to hate it — or, should i say “hate to love it”?


It’s a few minutes before 2020 come to end (well. in GMT+7 area) and still, most of us living in uncertainty from multiple dimensions. Yes, including myself.

As we know, 2020 was a pure roller-coaster for most of us, including me. 2020 also changed A LOT of perspectives that I’ve been holding on to for the entirety of my 23 years living as a human being. They are:

  • It’s okay to embrace your worst as long as it’s not harming yourself or anyone around you. I think it’s funny how society teaches us to always looks and act positively even when we’re on our worst side. Why we are not allowed to honest with how we feel?

So, do I still have hope for 2021? Although I won’t be optimistically labeling 2021 (as I pointed above), I still have one hope for my 2021:

I hope, i can celebrate every single day with something that could make me feels like “at home” again — cheesy enough, huh?

No, I won’t give any cheesy line anymore for this New Year Greetings, I just sincerely hope all of us can become stronger and wiser to face whatever we have to face in the future. Hasta La Vista 2020 & Hola 2021!

Regularly drink iced café au lait, fancying over cheesy memes, and juggling digitally for living. Also, i do write, sometimes