…and as expected, i kinda love to hate it — or, should i say “hate to love it”?

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It’s a few minutes before 2020 come to end (well. in GMT+7 area) and still, most of us living in uncertainty from multiple dimensions. Yes, including myself.

As we know, 2020 was a pure roller-coaster for most of us, including me. 2020 also changed A LOT of perspectives that i’ve been holding on for the entire of my 23 years living as a human-being. They are:

  • It’s okay to embrace your worst as long as it’s not harming yourself or anyone around…

Where they said most of “Jack of all trades” are placed here. Newsflash, it’s not a lie

Busy Kittens on Meeting. Source: Giphy

What’s come to your mind when you heard the words of “Startup Worker” or “Working at a Startup”? Let me guess, you might imagined people who come to office with pretty casual clothes, open space office where you can connect freely and without limitation across division (or, should i say, bunch of people who working at hot or up-and-coming co-working space?), …

Ever wondering why TikTok can gather over than 33 million downloads during Q1 of 2019 and having highest social media engagement rates per post compared to other social media platforms?

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Photo by Yours Truly on VSCO

Less Hard Selling, More Purposeful Content

Younger audiences are mostly more attracted on how “raw and authentic” the content they would consume rather than “glam-coated”, “templated”, or “fancy-with-less-purpose” content. So this is why TikTok can reached their 33 millions downloads during their Q1 of 2019. Also, no more glorified product placement. Almost all of the audiences (especially younger one) want now are a content containing authentic message that re(a)latable with current issues, or maybe if we…


Regularly drink iced café au lait, fancying over cheesy memes, and juggling digitally for living. Also, i do write, sometimes

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